Cfast to SATA Cables + USB to twin SATA power cable kit

Everything you need to record from your Ursa Mini or other camera that takes Cfast 2.0 card directly onto SSD. This kit has been specifically designed to allow for DUAL CARD MODE recording.

You can use the single cable only if you are not recording in RAW 4.6k or high FPS.

Compatible with Blackmagic Ursa Mini and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K & 6K.

USB to SATA power cable rated up to 6A. (Max current draw using 2x 2TB Samsung SSD's was 3A). This cable is designed to plug into the USB port your V-mount battery to provide power to 2x SSD's simultaneously. Please ensure your V-mount battery is capable of providing at least 3amps of power through the USB port.

This Cfast to SATA SSD solution has been benchmarked against competitors, and is currently the fastest cable on the market. We use high quality SATA cables and Gold Plated SATA data pin connectors.

Parts sourced, assembled, soldered and quality tested in London, UK.

1 year warranty.

If you shoot in ProRes, lower frame rates, or just 1080 then almost any SSD drive will work. But in order to capture the highest quality from the URSA 4.6K RAW 60fps, then you'll want to choose a either a Sandisk Extreme Pro drives or the Samsung Pro 850 SSD drive and record in 'DUAL CARD MODE'